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Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck

In the fading light, the blossoms of the moon open to face the pinpointing
stars and in the silence we may hear clearly the language of the flowers of the night.
Our helpers of the shadows who hear our passions and connect us with our power.  
The flowers of this oracle will assist you to explore power and passion, personal, in your
relationships, surrounding events and situations so you may find healing, insight and guidance.
Each flower speaks of the possibilities and the challenges faced when walking the night garden
to find what is required and can be taken back into the light for you to grow strongly, succeed
and to follow the true path of your heart and soul.  
Throughout history and all cultures, the worlds’s night blooming plants have been associated with life’s mysteries, personal power and our great passions because they hold space in the quiet shadows for the energies that are deep within us. Have you felt the intoxication of jasmine on a sultry summer evening, beckoning you with it’s promises of luxuriant abundance and possibilities of success? This is the Language of Flowers, of Plants and it is through reconnecting with this form of communication that we can find our way again as we mend the relationship of Plants and People which has been all but lost.  
There was a time when plants and people knew each other and we understood each other well. The relationship strained and broke as we first took it for granted and then lost it. Now we look for other 'things' which we believe will fill the void of our own making or worse, we clamber, chasing from one new secret plant of answers to all our ailments and needs until we ruin land and the cultures which have protected it. All we need to do is be still and listen to the plants, to all plants. 
The Language of Plants can be heard by us in the physical attributes of plants, their life actions and the energetic interactions with us and other living things. There is a communication, a mutually beneficial connection between us and all plants and we once spoke this language ourselves and we can again if we slow down, observe and listen to it’s truth. Not just for our benefit but for the plants themselves and for all who connect with Earth.  
 Slow and quiet, come wander the night garden and hear the calling of the blooms of evening within. They will connect you again with the energies of nature, with the words and wisdom of plants so that you may find ways to improve your personal power, how to best move forward in situations you feel are weaken by forces out of your control by regaining your independence and position and how to empower yourself daily with passion to improve career, health and relationships.  
The evening flowers hold secrets and insight into our passions and will help you find what your true path may be and how to connect with what it is that you need to engage with for better outcomes. Romance, intimacy and relationships can be explored by understanding the energies of the flowers of the night. Life passions that are connected with your purpose will be revealed and the flower guides that will follow you forward into the day will share lessons from Nature to keep you focused, enriched and empowered.  
This guidebook features botanical and gardening information alongside flower meanings which
have been carefully researched and will assist you with deeper exploration. To bring you into their world as deeply as possible, I have painted all flowers within this deck at sacred and special places connected with their origins and I would encourage you to take notice of these places for additional personal insights.  
The meanings expressed in the keyword on each card and in the guidebook are crafted from decades of my dedicated research into the botanical history, folklore, herbal lore, spiritual aspects and therapeutic attributes of flowers. If you create or use flower essences you will find this a suitable reference guide to assist you in understanding the energetic properties of each flower of the night presented. In the back of this book is an illustrated tutorial to assist you in creating your own flower essences. 
Your Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck can be use to find possible answers while seeking healing outcomes and to better understand yourself and your desires while presenting you with paths of guidance. The deck can be used as an Oracle and as a Language of Plants learning tool. To do the latter, I would suggest beginning a personal journal and selecting a Flower of the Day, Week or Month and while looking at it’s relationship to you, set out extending your knowledge by exploring more about it’s botanical history. Perhaps you could sketch, write your own observances and if possible, experience the flower in-person or even grow it yourself, creating your own Night Garden.    
You may wish to use this deck as a divination tool, a practice I highly recommend. Perhaps begin
by selecting a Flower of the Day Guide by sitting quietly, preferably outside, in Nature and
shuffling the deck until a card comes to you. This will be your Flower Guide for the day. The guidebook will share with you meanings which will present possibilities as well as challenges you may face. Perhaps journal your experiences and this will help you align more closely with flowers and Nature herself.  
As well as using any oracle or tarot spread that you may already know, I have included a selection created especially for the flowers of the night which will help you align with their energies and would suggest you explore these to get to know the evening blossoms and their messages.  
Come with me into the garden of night and listen to the  
twilight fragrant flowers of the moon and stars
and may you be blessed with the power and the passion you find!

This Oracle Deck of Flower Wisdom created with the true Language of Flowers and lovingly illustrated with traditional artwork created for this Oracle tool by the author, Cheralyn Darcey, will guide you to explore the powers you feel may elude you at times and those you wish to understand with a deeper respect. 
This dedicated deck of flowers will also help connect you fully with your true passions and open your heart to new
​possibilities and guidance. 


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