Cheralyn Darcey

botanical history author
environmental artist

ethnobotany explorer
organic gardener

"Cheralyn's work is so unique, I adore just having her flower decks and colouring books in my home and using these cards is an absolute joy. There is a depth to it that is touching and special.
I love her originality and authenticity and the heart that infuses all her creations!"
Janneia, Sydney Australia

44 beautiful, perfectly printed

high quality cards, 95 x 140mm

sturdy hinged carry box

laminated guide book of
meanings, affirmations &
keywords for each card plus
spreads & intructions

Explore your Passion & Power with
​the Flowers of the Night

"I collect oracle decks, and since receiving this beautiful deck, I have not put it down. Not only is it an excellent resource guide to flowers, but an amazingly accurate oracle deck as well. The Illustrations are gorgeous, the guidebook is easy to read and you won't be able to put it down. Every card I've pulled has been accurate. Every spread I've done has been an eye opener. It's like the flowers come alive on each card. I feel the cards speak very clearly, they are just that beautiful!"
Leesha, NSW Australia

A Very Special Limited Edition Artist's Oracle Deck by Environmental Artist and Flower Author Cheralyn Darcey.
This beautifully presented Deck is accompanied by a Guidebook filled with Flower Wisdom and is available now.
Only 1,000 printed and this edition will not be reprinted. 

Suitable for lovers of flowers, nature and oracle. 
An easy to read deck for complete beginners while providing strong leads to use in advanced techniques. 

Creation of the Artworks

Each artwork was created by me just for this Oracle,
​in complete dedication to the Flowers of the Night. 

When I find myself within Nature, surrounded by night, it is the touches of colour in this black and white world of shadows which enchant me, guide my soul to explore deeper and illuminate that which I may find challenging or fascinating. This is the feeling I wanted to impart through my art for the Flowers of the Night Oracle.

​Having created two other Flower Oracle Decks based on the Language of Flowers: Australian Wildflower Reading Cards and Flower Reading Cards in linocut prints, I knew I had to continue with this, my favoured art medium because it expresses so well what is already here, as it is and as it speaks.

Within the exploration of line, of tone and shape as I describe each flower first through sketches, then carving, hand printing and finally painting, I find the subtle layers to add to my lifelong research of the botanical history, folklore and the wisdom of flowers. I write my Guidebooks as I create each Oracle, weaving my carefully researched knowledge and observations to create decks which I hope will awaken the plant wisdom we once all knew instinctively again.  For us, for our environment. 

desires and purpose may be found,
directions revealed and personal power
strengthen and healed

Limited Stock Remains
No Reprint Possible  
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What Current
Cheralyn Darcey Language of Flowers Oracle Deck Owners Are Saying ~ 

"The Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey are an amazing set of oracle cards. Due to Cheralyn's extensive knowledge of nature these cards will not only inspire you but also provide a wealth of scientific information."
Lynda, Sydney Australia

"...Thank you for putting your creativity out into the world! I purchased your Australian Wildflower Cards last year and I use them daily for guidance. Your descriptions are wonderful and insightful, and your artwork is beautiful, soothing, uplifting, and inspiring. Using your cards (especially during cold Canadian winters) adds joy to my day. Using your cards daily, enriches my life."
Allegra, Toronto Canada