"The Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey are an amazing set of oracle cards. Due to Cheralyn's extensive knowledge of nature these cards will not only inspire you but also provide a wealth of scientific information."
Lynda, Sydney Australia

Cheralyn Darcey

botanical history author
environmental artist

ethnobotany explorer
organic gardener

What Current
Cheralyn Darcey Language of Flowers Oracle Deck Owners Are Saying ~ 

Pre-Order Offer Statement
In 2017 Cheralyn Darcey offered a Pre-order gift set of this deck directly from her. 
92 where sold. 
They where posted out during the holiday post period.
Due to storms and the usual length of time for post at this time,
many where delayed and sadly some lost. 

The terms on the Etsy selling site clearly stated that this was a pre-order in bold in the title and bold in the first and the last lines of the description. Comments that people needed to wait for months are true,
but this was clearly stated as a term of sale. 

The terms for shipping clearly stated that no responsibility was taken for lost post unless insured post was arranged,
as the great majority of sellers online assert as well. 

However, renumeration or replacement was offered to two people who made public claims on social media (but had not contacted Cheralyn) that they hadn't received their decks.
This opened other claims.
There are more claims than orders taken and sent out
and this has caused a huge workload to sort through. 

​It is believed there are genuine claims in these but not all. In good faith,
Cheralyn has publicly offered to replace or refund any person with a claim. 

Cheralyn Darcey is still offering renumeration or replacement for any lost deck from this offer, even though she is not legally bound to do so. 

Any claim can be sent to cheralyndarcey@gmail.com 

"Cheralyn's work is so unique, I adore just having her flower decks and colouring books in my home and using these cards is an absolute joy. There is a depth to it that is touching and special.
I love her originality and authenticity and the heart that infuses all her creations!"
Janneia, Sydney Australia

"I collect oracle decks, and since receiving this beautiful deck, I have not put it down. Not only is it an excellent resource guide to flowers, but an amazingly accurate oracle deck as well. The Illustrations are gorgeous, the guidebook is easy to read and you won't be able to put it down. Every card I've pulled has been accurate. Every spread I've done has been an eye opener. It's like the flowers come alive on each card. I feel the cards speak very clearly, they are just that beautiful!"
Leesha, NSW Australia

Flowers of the Night Oracle is now available in stores internationally. 

"...Thank you for putting your creativity out into the world! I purchased your Australian Wildflower Cards last year and I use them daily for guidance. Your descriptions are wonderful and insightful, and your artwork is beautiful, soothing, uplifting, and inspiring. Using your cards (especially during cold Canadian winters) adds joy to my day. Using your cards daily, enriches my life."
Allegra, Toronto Canada